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Bahá’í Children's Classes

Bahá’í children’s classes are a spiritual education curriculum designed to foster sound character development. The materials emphasize the acquisition of spiritual qualities - such as truthfulness, generosity, purity of heart, and kindness - which are considered attributes of God that are reflected in the mirror of the human heart. Lessons include information about the history and Writings of the Bahá’í Faith. The goal is for children to reach a stage where they can understand and act upon the imperative to tend to their own spiritual development and contribute to the well-being of society. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate as co-teachers.

Age levels: 5-11 (three levels of age-appropriate materials & activities).


  • To assist children to navigate their complex world and resist negative influences and pressures.

  • To support family solidarity which contributes to safe neighborhoods and strengthens the community.


Through quotes, short prayers, stories, music, group discussions, games, art and skits, the children recognize their innate nobility and develop spiritual skills and perspectives. The curriculum and the teachers encourage cooperation instead of competition.

Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can alone cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.

~ Bahá’i Writings

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